Duke Ellington felt that categories were limiting: he preferred to think and create beyond limits. He used the term beyond category as the highest possible praise for someone unique in their brilliance, such as Ella Fitzgerald. It was his way of saying beyond compare, beyond limits, and uniquely outstanding.
—John Hasse

Beyond Category Development (BCD) is a mixed-use developer of sustainable homes and communities. BCD develops high performance buildings that integrate energy efficiency, resiliency and livability in all its designs.

At BCD, sustainability is about quality of life and mindful living. The well-being of families and communities, and the well-being of our communities’ natural resources, are the building blocks on which BCD was founded.

Green practices and sustainable methods are applied to all building projects. BCD improves the environmental performance of residential and commercial projects by including:

  • Efficient walls, floors, windows and attic insulation are properly installed and designed to block drafts and control temperatures;
  • Efficient air ducts so rooms get enough air to have consistent, comfortable temperatures throughout the house;
  • Efficient equipment for heating and cooling the house, helping to save money while staying comfortable; and
  • Efficient lighting and appliances including ENERGY STAR-certified dishwashers, refrigerators, light bulbs and clothes washers.

The BCD built product is designed, from the exterior to the interior, to be comfortable, energy efficient, healthy, and save the consumer money. BCD forges partnerships and alliances to help advance sustainable development and raise consumer awareness.

The development of our products, and collaborations with partners and clients, are guided by three principles:

  • Mastery of sustainable strategies, construction practices, and interior architecture;
  • Autonomy to innovate and integrate new ideas and strategies in the building and design process; and to
  • Do so with Purpose.

Beyond Category

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